Happy Howl-oween!!

Happy Howl-oween!!


One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. People get to dress-up, and for a night; you get to become someone else. A trend of dressing up pets has been commonplace for Halloween as well. There are as many pet costumes as there are human ones, and a variety of things that pets can get into.


If you plan on dressing your pet up in a costume, there are a few things you should consider. The best thing to do, is to bring your pet with you to get fitted for a costume. You can also find one that matches your pet’s personality. For example: If you have a Dachshund, you could get a hot dog costume (a hot dog). Make sure that if you dress up your pet for Halloween, you do not leave them unattended. Some costumes can be scary to pets, whether it is on someone they know, strangers, or on themselves. Also, try to avoid pet costumes that include hats, masks, or shoes. Some pets can panic and seriously injure themselves if caught up in a costume.

redwolf copy pirate pup copy cat witch copy a.aaa-Hot-Dog-Dachshund Skeleton-Horse

Candy and food from Halloween parties are in full abundance on this night. Many people already know that chocolate (no matter what level of cacao) is poisonous to dogs. If your dog eats chocolate, make sure you call your veterinarian right away. Hard candies and other sweets containing the ingredient Xylitol, commonly found in gums and mints, can also pose a health risk to your pet. Often in the excitement and chaos of Halloween night, these dangerous treats may be left within easy reach of curious canine noses. As with all human food, make sure your candy is placed out of reach of your pet.


I recently carved my Jack-o-Lantern and instantly my pets were interested in the new smells and thing to look at. Carving pumpkins are great fun for the entire family, but make sure your sharp carving tools are not within easy access to cats or dogs. If you are using live candles, be sure that are blown out when not being watched. Due to their curious nature, cats can’t help but be attracted to flickering candle lights. An open flame around animals is dangerous. Battery operated lights are safe, and an inexpensive alternative to open candles. You can get them at any craft store, big box grocery stores, or pharmacy.

Bengal Cat Pumpkin Carving Stencil Pattern black cat pumpkin copy

If you have a black cat or dog, it is highly recommended that they be kept in on Halloween night. There can be cruel people out there and black pets have historically been portrayed to represent evil and bad luck. When I had my black cat, Casper, we kept her inside for a few days before the 31st, and a couple days after, just to keep her safe. She really

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cat eaten pumpkin copy

Halloween is a fun holiday for both people and pets, but always remember Safety first. Do not let your pets eat your Halloween candy, or leave them alone to play in their costumes. Also, remember to choose safe holiday decorations and to protect your pet. Happy Howl-oween everyone!!

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